Feel the wind, feel alive …

I was there, my hair moved with the wind I felt it in my face.
My eyes contemplate the view  and all that, while I took my time to feel the mountain, the cold and the sun.
I was blind for a second, but It made me understand I was really alive, on that place, on that second, right there.
I hear the people talking around me, I joy then & then I enjoy them. I felt part of them, part of the world.
I knew there is much more, the earth is huge & billions of people are living there.

Just wanna get some more air, wind & sun.
I want talk with different and interesting people, wanna eat wierd things & drink some local drinks.
Get to know & understand a bit better the people there; What they do? Why do they do it? Why are they living there ? What is the special component from that place ?






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