About me. About Traveling.

I’m  a 27 years old girl/woman Uruguayan/Spanish art photographer how is studding Anthropology.

Taking pictures is my water of life.
Since 2 years from now, writing is my way learn & understand  more about my self & the world. 

Adventure is every single second. 

I’m open person interested in whats happening around the world, my city and the people who is around me. 

I do, I’m a happy person, friendly, open, kind, curious,  breve, strong & honest. 

Border lines are made to be crossed, learn about it: bring something & keep something for your own. 

And I do. 

In June 2012 an accident that teach me a lot.
I did lost memory; who teach me to surprise about simple facts (  like a kid; they say),  learn every thing again; who brings me patience & passion to try to understand new things & did lost the peripheral view on my right eye; how give me a complete different perspective from the things in front of my eyes.  

I didn’t stop traveling then. I won’t do it. 

My work; my photography… my text,  gives me the freedom, a reason & the power to  go and don’t  forget the big big picture & adventure of life, getting piece a piece  (as much as I can) our World, Culture & Society; a piece of HUMANITY.  

Just  to know, a bit better, what we are talking about when we say Human being. Human being like you & me; like us.  

About my self: I earn my money freelance photo assisting in the advertising & car photography world, since more than 7 years. That fact that gives me freedom &  teach me to find by my own  next bed wherever the the photography (assisting & my own work) brings me.

I love diving, Long Boarding  is my transportation & down hill gives me FREEDOM. Climbing brings me peace, surf, wake boarding & kite surfing makes me feel I’m alive. 

Like a lot Hiking, because  it’s  discovering every second about my self & our world.  

I’m staring to love ruing. 

About my life style: easy going, non stop-ing & enjoy the search while walking my own way; all alone & with some more people, learning from the rest & teaching  all I know, moving & staying if I need to, open mind, food tester & experimental cooker. 

Smiling and laughing; why not ? 


About future: How my future is going to be??  I’ll definitely getting in to it latter.  I prefer to keep on loving this moment, thinking about what’s better now &  feeling I’m  alive right now, on that second ( my heart is working for a reason & my brain is starting to understand why every single second). 




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