Archivos Mensuales: marzo 2017


I am leaving now.
After more than 2 and half months, I go.

Memory will always keep the feelings in the Nepal.
Of the people. The Dhal Bath, the food and drinks.

I will miss you all.
And all the things that make this place so Special.

The dust of Thamel.
The pollution of Kathmandu.
The extreme cold from the high lands.
The warm from Chitwan.

The dangerous Lucka Airport.
The way up to Namche Bazaar.
The freezing and strong wind on Gokyo and Chola Pass.
The feelings crossing the moraines and glaciers

The non imaginable views on the way of the Everest.
The top of Gokio Ri & Kala Patar.
The Everest Base Camp.
Our strong porter.

All the people from the Hebron English School in Kathmandu.
The dust & noise of the Ring Road.
The people asking me for invitaitions letter to Spain.
The almost compleat destrucction of the increible Backtapur.

The life style of Bharaptur.
Munu’s food.
The interesting talks with Chiran.
The pictures for Mana.

The Sjirana Boardinf School and the kids.
Asha and Amod.
Babu and school bus.
The photography lessons.

The elephants of Shauraha.
The 7 hours Jungel Walk.
The jungle paradise of Kumru.
The tea shop and its people.

The relax of Phewa Lake.
The nice family of Amrit.
The magazine meetings.
The motorbikes rides.

The girls from Bhaktapur.
The dancing nights.
The talks with Wolf.
The Panolti afternoon.

The Boudha area and Erik.
The monky temple and the 365 steeps.
The Red Planet hotel room.
The last days alone in the crazy Kathmandu.

The bad quality of the roads.
Wearing a Sari.
Some Nepali words.
The Dal Bhats

The hard times. And the good ones!!

Thanks Nepal!!