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What is it Malasya?

Difficult cuestión. Difficult answere.

First instinct reaction: go away same day I arrived. Conffucion, noise and lot of people.

Decide to stay. Let’s give a 2nd chance to the country.

I can answere my question now after 3 weeks.

What is it Malasya?
Pink plastic and asphalt.

Jungle, rivers and waterfalls.

Trafic, peace and sups.

Sweet banana, fried food & StarBucks

Rain, sky scratchers and caves.

Sports, sugar and fat.

Old traditions, laud music and led lights.

Mosquitos, shorts and hijabs.

Plastic bags, shopping malls and under construction areas.

Monkeys, cats and birds.

Muslims, Hinduism, Chinise, Asian Sikks, Buddhism, Católics, atheist … all soons of same good with different names.

Asiatic eyes, Indian skins and Malayans way of living.
A interesting sheaker of Nederlanders, Portuguese, English, Chinese, Indians, Communist history from 2nd WW, natives and emigrants from all over, gives the shape of the actual Malasya.

Really nice people, village way of living and oxidental way of life.

And then, what is it Malasya?

Malasya : A wanderful pice of hearth where everyone seems to have a place inn, but already destroyed by the modern human been without even noticed.