Malaysian Journal #Airport feeling

Once again not prepare to leave.All the things that happened. 

All the things that it didn’t.
The water and the jungle makes my skin feel alive. 

The pink plastic and asphalt from those days are just part of the system.  
It won’t be Malaysia with a single change. 

The diversity of believers and the way they all face life nowadays make me feel respect, and also disappointment. 
The wonderful fake peace of the artificial agileness.

The ugly dirty and smelling side of paradises . 
I can get away from Malaysia.

But Malaysia will never get away from me. 
What I keep are memories and sensations. 

People and moments.

Places and feelings. 

Never ending sensations of diferents moments getting deeper inside of my head. 

Inside of my heart.

Can’t imagine Melaka without Andrew.
Can’t feel the wonderful peace of the green leafs and waterfalls without Nomads’s crew. 
There is no Gopeng without Najib. 
There is no Redang without Sari’s people, the turtles & diving team . 
And for sure there is not a Redang, if won’t be a chance to cleaning the beach on the afternoons with Bana.


It won’t be the same KL without Keith. 

It won’t be a Malaysia without all this.

It won’t be Malaysia without any of you. 


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