[1986 – Montevideo, Uruguay]

Antonella Debellis is a, a writer, an artist, a diving instructor and an underwater photographer from Uruguay.

As formal educated artist and photographer, Antonella has Communication Degree from the ESD of Palma de Mallorca (Spain) in Art Photography and has spent more than 12 years as a photo assistant on the commercial car photography business around the world.

Her work specializes in Documentary, Artistic photography and art with particular content: The meaning of life. From her early works, her style has developed changes on technics, subjects and message.

The loss of 3o% of her visual field in 2012 had a direct effect on approach and intentions of her work, focus on long term projects based on social, economic, political and personal issues.

Antonella has held two solo shows, received three national and more than five international recognitions.

She based in Asia since 2016.

ANTONELLA DEBELLIS / info@antonelladebellis.com / www.antonelladebellis.com / +34 665 250 576 / +62 812 38590207