[Jun 10, 1986 – Montevideo, Uruguay]

Contemporary artist & photographer. Her work characterised by the usage of different technics, mainly photography, sculpture & texts, always with strong, direct & complex message, plays with the meaning & symbols from culture, who shows a critical view about society, way of living, culture & contemporary issues. Worries about interpretation of reality, Modus Vivendi, space & time, understanding of lenguage, comunications, Humanity & thought, add to the interest about the future, fate, spontaneity, past, history & chance gives Antonella’s work a position on the Contemporany Art Exprecion about politic, social & economics interes.

Antonella’s work leaves always a place for the comic and singular thing who is the fact of existing, for her, asking & giving to the viewer a chance to reflection & learning about themselves & their own ways of surviving on our world. An style marked by careful compositions where spaces, proportions, the moving & statics parts, sizes & texture, color & techniques applied, play an important role in the image & objects read.

Since late 2011, Antonella Debellis’s works have a place in small galleries, art houses and occasional exhibitions. Because os a Ictus, in Jun 2012, Antonella suffered the lost of the 30% of the visual field. Fact how change her way of seeing and understanding the world. Important feature that is part of her most recent photography work where framing and perspective are full of meaning for artist, the viewer and the picture it self.

On the last years, Antonella start to develop a lot written work & long term photography projects around the world.
The under water world start to beeing an important issue in her life, mixing her photography on land experience with the underwater photography on her newest work.




If I find the way to touch your mind, if I get the way to make you think about, at least for half second,  or less than that… then all the time I spend on my early intents will start to make sense.

On arts, photography, sculpture, text, philosophy and even sports.

It’s not only about the subject, it’s not only about me or you.

It’s all about everything and the understanding off this everything, every single  second, every single place, every single person, every single word, action and though.

It’s all about the big picture, in single pieces. ” it’s like being water, it’s being a letter”.

In Photography, it can be about a single pixel.
In sculpture, a wanderfull shape.

In writing, a powerful meaning.

In philosophy, a simple idea.

In sports, a strong feeling.

And in life, a single moment.

If I can get you to understand that, it is enough, because then I had gave something back to someone.



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